Hot Deal

$20.00 New Patient Consultation
Exam, consultation, history and x-rays!
This special normally this runs $200.00! For those that claim this AMAZING offer, we’re giving them away for just a $20 donation for The Pass Pregnancy Center (and you can just do that when you get here).
The first thing we’ll do is have you tell us all about your body’s aches and pains.
After that we’ll give you our full chiropractic evaluation which helps us get down to EXACTLY what’s causing this discomfort. We'll share with you all of the findings, giving you a personalized treatment plan, so you know how to fix It once and for all!

Dr. Brannigan is extremely attentive to his patients and truly cares about their well being; genuinely treats each patient as he would a family member and close friend and alleviate their pain & guide them to total wellness. Dr. is highly respected for his level of integrity – he does not believe in prescribing additional care or treatment for his patients unless it is absolutely necessary for their recovery and continued wellness.
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Offer Valid: July 16, 2018July 10, 2020
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