Best Practices for a Growing Brand

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Building a business doesn't just mean having a good product or service. It means building a brand around that product or service. Your prospective customers need to understand what it is that you offer and have an image of your company as one that can solve their problems. The right approach to branding makes it easier to acquire and keep customers.

Focus on Your Brand With Everything You Say and Do

Putting forward a consistent message on social media and in your marketing is essential. Consider the type of customer you want to attract and the experience you want them to have. Some brands stay out of politics, for example, while others choose to make meaningful statements about specific issues or simply have a strong idea about being seen as "luxurious" or "convenient."

Consistent brand marketing can drive 1.6 times the profits of short-term marketing strategies. Research shows repeat customers account for 25% of e-commerce purchases, so building a strong brand can pay off by tapping into that loyalty. Make sure your brand's message is communicated in every ad, email, and social media post, so your customers (and prospective customers) can understand who you are and what you represent.

Go Where Your Customers Are

It's easier to communicate your message if you know your customers well and understand their habits. You're more likely to reach young people on TikTok than on Facebook, for example. Find the right platforms, and use them to build brand awareness. This helps you get the most out of your advertising budget. If you market your brand on multiple platforms, tailor the content to each platform to get the best response from your target audience.

Hire Professionals for Full-Service Image Design

Unique, professionally designed images help your brand put forward a strong first impression. Where possible, use your own photography so that the images are a true representation of your brand. It may be wise to hire a professional to help you work out your social media policy and brand style guide. Once that's in place, you can make your own marketing materials, following that template for consistency. It's easier to DIY your marketing once someone with design expertise has shown you what does (and doesn't) work.

Use the Right Tools To Save Time

If you're working with a graphic designer or website designer, you might need to send them mock-ups, examples, or other images. Emailing large files can be difficult. Compressing JPGs to allow you to email them risks reducing the quality of the image. It’s useful to convert JPG to PDF to reduce the file size of the images and combine multiple images into one file, so they're smaller and easier to email. This also reduces the risk of images being misplaced.

Growing a Brand Is an Ongoing Effort

Brand building requires marketers to understand their customers, what they're looking for, and where they spend their time. Marketers must aim for consistency in the look and content of their messaging, and using the right tools and templates can help with this.

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